Below you will find answers to some important questions you might have regarding the Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology. For your convenience, you will find a printable version of the information below. Simply click on HAHST FAQ to retrieve and print.

►What is the Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology (HAHST)?
The academy is selective, academically demanding, and focused on preparing students for college & careers in medicine & health sciences.
►Who is eligible for admission into HAHST?
The Selection Committee will look at a collection of information, including the following:
  • Level of academic motivation and accomplishment
  • Goals and interests expressed in a personal essay
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Grade point average & standardized test scores
  • Previous academic coursework
  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Community involvement & parental support
►What does the HAHST program look like?
  • Students in 9-12 will enroll in Health Sciences classes I-IV (1)
  • Students enroll in rigorous academic classes (honors, pre-AP, AP and IB) in Science, Math, English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language
  • Field experiences, community service, academies & institutes, exposure to career opportunities; health sciences coursework
  • Ongoing academic support and college-preparatory counseling
►How many students will be admitted into HAHST?
There is a limit of 30 students for each grade level.
►What about extracurricular activities? Are they mandatory or voluntary?
Students will be expected to
  • Complete community service hours (e.g., tutor at nearby elementary or middle school)
  • Participate in the Saturday Academy (in 9th grade)
  • Compete for the Summer Institute (10th and 11th grade)
  • Pursue internships (scheduled either during the summer after the 11th grade year or during the 12th grade school year).
►What if I want to be in both IB (2) and in HAHST?
IB and the Health Sciences Academy are compatible programs. Many of the philosophies of both programs are similar, if not nearly identical. We have managed to align the two programs in order to avoid conflicts for students who would like to enroll in both.
►When may I apply for admission into HAHST and how?
Applications are available from Dr. Wolf (SLC Green, Room 1350). The application is also available for download at Due date: March 15, 2009.
►What are next steps after I submitted my application materials?
  • Receive an invitation for an interview approx. 2-3 weeks after you submitted your application.
  • Conduct a successful interview.
  • Receive a letter of acceptance approximately 3-4 weeks after your interview.
  • Attend an HAHST meeting celebrating your acceptance to answer questions you and your parents might still have.
►What are the costs for me once I am admitted into the HAHST program?
There are no additional fees students enrolled in the Academy. Stipends may be available for participation in learning experiences outside of the school day.
►Who supports students and parents in the HAHST?**
Hinkley High School
Dr. Charlotte Wolf, Assistant Principal, 303-340-1500 x 27421
Aurora Public Schools
Ms. Carol McBride, Development Director, 303-326-2106
Anschutz Medical Campus
Dr. Allegra Melillo, Aurora LIGHTS Project Director

Health Sciences I – Intro to Health Careers (9th grade)
Health Sciences II – Medical Terminology (10th grade)
Health Sciences III – Anatomy in Clay (11th grade)
Health Sciences IV – Senior Seminar (12th grade)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at high school level is currently only available to students attending Hinkley High School.