Follow the steps below in order to apply for admission to HAHST:
Step 1:
Download and print the Application for Admission to HAHST.
Step 2:
Complete page 1 (biographical data) of the application.
Write an essay according to specifications on page 2.
Complete page 3 (signatures from teachers who will want to recommend you, your parent's/guardian's signature, and your signature).
Step 3:
Submit the completed application along with your essay to Hinkley High School Assistant Principal Dr. Charlotte Wolf.
Step 4:
If you qualify*, you will receive an invitation for an interview approximately 2-3 weeks after you submitted your application.
Step 5:
Conduct a successful interview and receive a letter of acceptance approximately 3-4 weeks after your interview.
Step 6:
Attend an HAHST meeting celebrating your acceptance and answering questions you and your parents might still have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Charlotte Wolf with questions regarding HAHST.

*Qualifications for admission into HAHST:
The Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology is academically competitive and highly demanding. Admission to the Academy, and subsequent success, will entail that students have demonstrated high levels of academic motivation, capacity, and accomplishment. In addition, successful matriculation through the academy will require high levels of student and parent commitment as well as ongoing academic and personal growth and success, as measured against established academic, behavior, and attendance guidelines. Initial admission and eligibility to remain in the Academy are based on a portfolio of student, teacher, and parent information that may include, but is not limited to the following information: standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, grade point average, previous academic coursework, a personal essay, community involvement, parental approval and commitment to support. The HAHST selection committee reserves the right to consider approval of applicants based on a variety of qualifications and accomplishments and on a case-by-case basis. Students whose requests for open enrollment have been granted must provide copies of their most recent transcripts, attendance and discipline records, and CSAP results.