The Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology

  • is a rigorous academic program
  • serves as a health sciences preparation program
  • includes exciting field experiences
  • is a thorough introduction to careers
  • provides internships: Clinical or Research
  • is supported by Anschutz Medical Campus partners
  • is compatible with the Hinkley HS IB Program

Phase I

The Health Sciences & Technology Academy will kick off with Phase I in January of 2009 with one class for each grade level, Health Sciences I (Intro to Health Careers, teacher Ms. Jan Parker), Health Sciences II (Medical Terminology, teacher Mr. Gionni Thompson), Health Sciences III (Anatomy in Clay, teacher Mr. Gionni Thompson), and Health Sciences IV (Senior Seminar, teacher Ms. Jan Parker).

Health Sciences II and III will run as a combined class.

Except for Health Sciences I (1st period), all classes will start at 6:50, and will run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. There will be no classes on Wednesday.

Practical arts credit will be awarded for all Health Sciences classes, 0.5 credits.

Phase II

The full year roll out will start in August of 2009.

Complementary activities/modules/events

In addition to the classes held at Hinkley HIgh School, Health Sciences I students will participate in a Saturday Academy module (10 Saturdays, bi-monthly), Health Sciences II and III students will have an opportunity to apply for admission into the Summer Institute (to be offered on-site at the Anschutz Medical Campus) upon completing these courses, and Health Sciences IV students will work on getting internships either concurrently or upon completing the course.

All classes will have an opportunity to visit with guest speakers with varied backgrounds in health sciences and related.

All classes will participate in field trip opportunities to facilities located at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Applications for HAHST

We are currently accepting applications for Phase II. For more information, please contact Dr. Charlotte Wolf, Assistant Principal at Hinkley High School (click HAHST Application Process for more information).