Below you will find the names of APS District and Hinkley staff members who have been involved either in the conceptualization or the implementation, and/or management of Aurora LIGHTS at Hinkley High School along with a short description of each of their roles.

District Personnel
Carol McBride

APS Development Director for the Aurora Public Schools Health Sciences Collaborative
Bobbie Quinn
Aurora LIGHTS Program Assistant

Hinkley High School
Jinger Haberer

Hinkley High School Principal
Brian Hayenga
Hinkley High School IB Coordinator/MYP
Tomas Lopez
Student Advisor and Parent Liaison for Aurora LIGHTS at Hinkley High School
John Scruggs
HAHST counselor and computer whiz
Teresa Steele
Hinkley High School IB Coordinator/DP
Charlotte Wolf, Ph.D.
Hinkley High School Assistant Principal; LIGHTS Site Administrator
Tom Bergen (Social Studies)
Cari Corley (Math)
Colette Elliott (Social Studies)
John Gaskell (Science)
Cathea Irons (Language Arts)
Christina Matteucci (Language Arts)
Mary Morrow (Health Sciences, PLTW)
Amy Nichols (Math)
Jennifer Van Gundy (Science)