Senior Seminar: Health Science IV
Teacher: Jan Parker, rm 1116, ext 63954
Text: Diversified Health Occupations, 7th Edition, Louise Simmers

The Senior Seminar class will be an in-person/online hybrid class that readies students for post-secondary health science education as well as internships. Topics covered include Health Care Systems, Careers in Health Care, Legal and Ethical Standards, Anatomy and Physiology, Cultural Competencies, Medical Terminology, Infection Control, and Clinical Skills.

The class will meet in person (most weeks) on Mondays and Fridays at 6:50 AM (zero hour). A portion of the class will be held online through discussion boards, blogs, and online applet tutorials. Occasionally, students will meet in person on days other than Mondays and Fridays - and at times other than 6:50 AM - to accommodate our guest lecture series.

Health Science IV Syllabus

The Senior Seminar class (Health Science IV) has its own site for assignments, class discussions, and blogging. Our class wikispace can be found here:

Calendar for Senior Seminar: