Welcome to the web space for the Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences and Technology! Within these pages, you can find information regarding schedules for classes, teachers, events, how to apply for admission to the academy along with an application to download, what the application requirements are, and general information about our mission and purpose.

Below, you will find a timeline of events for the Academy (first day of classes, field trips, presentations, etc.).

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Timeline: Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology

12/18/09: The first semester of our first full LIGHTS year has concluded successfully. Currently, there are 100+ LIGHTS students in grades 9-12. Due to a comprehensive and successful support system (tutoring and multiple layers of intervention), our attrition rate is marginal. We are looking forward to an equally successful second semester. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

11/30/09: LIGHTS applications for the 2010/11 school year have been sent out to prospective North and East middle school students. Student Advisor Thomas Lopez has been busy refining and finalizing the application process . Working with leadership across schools in the district, he has managed to set dates for recruiting and enrolling students currently attending APS middle scools for the coming school year at the Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology.

11/19/09: Internship planning for our Seniors (21 students total) is underway. On six full days during the second semester, the students will engage in hands-on and authentic training experiences in labs, doctors' offices, and clinics throughout Aurora which will give them a taste of careers in the medical field. The application process is rigorous and requires a large deal of accountability from the students, thus helping prepare them to succeed in their post-secondary and work force endeavors.

10/19/09: The newly created IB/LIGHTS small learning community has proven to be a highly successful framework for students who are enrolled in either the IB programme or LIGHTS, or both. The IB LIGHTS team--teachers Mary Morrow (Health Sciences), Jennifer Van Gundy (Science), John Gaskell (Science), Cari Corley (Math), Tom Bergen (Social Studies), Colette Elliott (Social Studies), Christina Matteucci (Language Arts) and Cathea Irons (Language Arts)--has collaborated with great success to help our community of LIGHTS and IB students excel.

10/10/09: Freshmen LIGHTS students have started Saturday Academy. On ten Saturdays spread out over the first and second semesters, close to 30 9th graders will immerse themselves in the ins and outs of careers in the health sciences, with hands-on projects, in-depth research and field experiences. The culminating event will be a commencement ceremony at the end of the school year with final presentations attended by APS district leadership, parents, community members, and LIGHTS partnership representatives.

09/25/09: The first semester of our first full LIGHTS year is in full swing! The newly adopted Project Lead the Way curriculum has helped optimize opportunities for students across socio-economic, ethnic, and linguistic planes to embark on a career in health sciences. More than 75% of students in the program have a second language learner background, or belong to an ethnically diverse group. Our students are successful because we care! Student Advisor Thomas Lopez and LIGHTS counselor John Scruggs closely monitor student performance and achievement. Together with the LIGHTS administrator and the IB/LIGHTS instructional team, they provide academic and language interventions for struggling students, closely communicate with parents, and, most importantly, hold students accountable.

08/05/09: Starting with the 2009/10 school year, APS adopted the Project Lead the Way curriculum to be taught in the Health Sciences class (see http://pltw.org/Biomedical/biomedical.cfm for more information). Teacher Mary Morrow attended a two-week rigorous teacher training in order to be optimally prepared for teaching this course.

08/04/09: The new computer lab for the Health Sciences classes is up and running! Each LIGHTS student will have access to a brand new and super fast laptop in order to get ready for 21st century instruction and learning in health sciences. The Health Sciences teacher will be able to use Promethean technology in order to provide access to the web-based curriculum, among other things.

07/31/09: 18 Hinkley High School Sophomores and Juniors participated in the commencement ceremony of the 2009 LIGHTS Summer Institute. Among the APS officials who attended this event were: William Stuart, Chief Academic Officer; Cassie Para, Director of Student Achievement; Carol McBride, Development Director for the Aurora LIGHTS partnership; Jinger Haberer, Hinkley High School Principal; and Dr. Charlotte Wolf, LIGHTS Site Administrator at Hinkley High School.


06/22/09: 2009 Aurora LIGHTS Summer Institute--40 APS students from Hinkley, Aurora Central, and William Smith High Schools aged 16 and older, among them close to 20 Hinkley Academy students, have embarked on a six-week journey (June 22 - July 31) into college life and learning with 4 weeks of job shadowing, test preparation, lectures, and research opportunities and a two-week residential event starting July 20, 2009. The learning will be high level and rigorous in order to prepare the students for their post-secondary experiences in an authentic way. In order to be admitted, students had to complete an application package consisting of teacher and personal recommendations, a student essay, a parent commitment page, and a current transcript.

05/28/09: Summer Institute Informational Meeting, round 2--A small group of HAHST Sophomores and Juniors met at AMC to celebrate their admission into the 2009 Aurora LIGHTS Summer Institute (see below, 05/14/09). As of this date, 18 HAHST students have been admitted into the Summer Institute. Congratulations!

05/14/09: Parent & Student Night--Over 50 HAHST students accompanied by friends and family gathered at in the Hinkley High School West Commons for an hour long meeting in order to celebrate the beginning or continuation of their journey in the LIGHTS program in the fall. Students and parents were eager to learn more about classes and requirements for our health sciences program and engaged in lively discussions with the presenters.

05/09/09: Welcome to the 2009 Aurora LIGHTS Saturday Academy Commencement Celebration! 9th grade Academy students presented their culminating projects to a panel of APS representatives, Senior Academy students, parents, and officials from Aurora LIGHTS partnership institutions (UCD and CCA). This was also the tenth and final meeting of Freshmen from Hinkley and Aurora Central who had gained admission into the Saturday Academy in January of 2009. During these 10 half-day stays on the Anschutz Medical Campus, students learned about prerequisites and requirements for admission to UCDs Medical School and careers in the health sciences field. The second highlight was the graduation ceremony for the 2009 Aurora LIGHTS Seniors. Below is a picture that shows our 2009 HAHST graduates--the first of their kind!
(from left to right): Aaron Jones, Tu Chung, Lammi Adem, Jerrica Rainey, and Karen Chavez.

05/07/09: Summer Institute Informational Meeting--A select group of HAHST Sophomores and Juniors met at AMC to celebrate their admission into the 2009 Aurora LIGHTS Summer Institute, a high caliber research and internship opportunity for LIGHTS students. UCD was hosting this informational event with a dinner for students and parents.

05/05/09: LABCOATS Informational Meeting--7 HAHST students gathered at Aurora Central HS to learn about how to pursue studies in medical research at UCD, including opportunities for a full-ride Ph.D. scholarship. Dr. Sonia Flores, UCD Medical Researcher, told students about her own journey into the field of medical research, answered questions, and provided the audience with brochures and applications for admission into the program. Click LABCOATS to view the power point presentation, courtesy Dr. Flores.

04/29/09: 5 HAHST students attended an interactive outreach session by doctors who had come together for a regional conference of family medicine practitioners at the Anschutz Medical Campus, "Ask a Doc." Students were busy learning how to make sutures, deliver a baby, perform a simulated colonscopy, use ultrasound equipment, interpret x-rays, and dialogue with physicians on various issues around practicing family medicine.

04/06 - 04/21/09: The interviewing process for the second phase of the Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology (starting in August of 2009) is under way. Nearly 40 new applicants, well-qualified and high achieving, are awaiting admission into the program. In addition, there are close to 30 Academy transfer students from North Middle School who will be automatically admitted pending a successful academic review (passing grades, proficient or above scores on standardized assessments, etc.). With the 35 students that are currently enrolled and plan on continuing in the Hinkley Academy (pending academic review), student numbers for the beginning of the second round of HAHST in the fall of 2009 will have doubled, from the present 48 to 97! Click HAHST FAQ for more comprehensive information on classes for grades 9-12, program requirements, and the practical implications of combining LIGHTS and IB students in the program starting next fall.

04/10/09: A group of HAHST Juniors and Seniors attended the "Cell Immunology" field trip to the Anschutz Medical Campus Research labs. Among other things, students learned how proteins in zebra fish are tracked by making them fluorescent and how the use of high tech gadgets aids in the virtual exploration of the human body. Most memorable, possibly, was a demonstration on how taste and smell are combined to create "flavor," and how to separate the two.

2/23/09: The West Commons at HHS is packed on occasion of our HAHST Parent Night. APS and Hinkley representatives discuss with parents and students the application process and admission requirements for the 2009/10 school year, updates about the HAHST program, details about the merging of the IB and Aurora LIGHTS programs, etc.

02/17/09: HAHST students grades 9 - 12 attended a field trip at the Denver Convention Center organized by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

01/09/09: The first week of HAHST with a group of 50 students total (grades 9-12) concluded successfully! Students' comments ranged from, "I like it," to "That teacher is awesome," when asked what they thought of their Health Sciences classes and the instructors. Planning for the 2009/10 full roll out (student recruiting, staffing, curriculum, master schedule) has started. During the months of January and February, we will visit middle schools in order to introduce our new program and encourage students to apply for the 30 slots at Freshmen level available next school year. We will continue our efforts to fill the 30 slots available at Sophomore, Junior, and Senior level in order to reach our goal of 120 students enrolled in the Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology.

01/01/09: The HAHST team wishes you a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a semester of high-level learning experiences geared toward a variety of learning styles and formats for all students. Stay tuned for updates on classes and events such as field trips, internship and scholarship opportunities. Please submit issues of interest (i.e., questions, suggestions, comments, etc.) for posting, via e-mail to Charlotte Wolf or Jan Parker.

12/20/08: The freshmen class, Health Sciences I - Intro to Health Careers - will be taught during 1st hour in the spring semester rather than the zero hour. Additionally, the senior class, Health Sciences IV, will be taught as a classroom/online hybrid class. For more information, contact Charlotte Wolf or Jan Parker. All HAHST classes for second semester (zero and 1st hour) will begin January 5th, 2009! Doors will open at 6:30 AM, classes begin at 6:50 AM or 7:50 AM, respectively. Don't forget to pick up a building pass from your zero hour teacher. See you there!

12/17/08: Science Teacher Jan Parker, who will be teaching the Freshmen and Senior Health Sciences classes, decides to create a virtual forum for the newly created Hinkley Academy of Health Sciences & Technology.